Texas Passes Bill to Limit Transgender Student’s Right to Participate in School Sports

Legislation limiting transgender student’s ability to participate in school sports was passed Monday.

After similar legislation failed during the regular session due to the House missing the deadline to pass the bill, a similar bill was approved.

As there were no Democrats present in an attempt to break quorum to halt the approval of the bill and additional voter restrictions, Republicans still held quorum and approved the bills 6-0.

SB 2 and SB 32  both require students to participate on school sports teams based on the student’s sex assigned at birth. SB 2 covers schools K-12 and public colleges and universities.

Sen. Perry explained the bills protect cisgender women’s rights to participate in sports.

“It reminds us that it’s not OK to destroy the dreams of one for the benefit of another,” Perry said. However, advocates say there are not enough transgender students participating in sports to “take over” women’s sports teams.

Transgender sports ban legislation has been a priority of Texas Republicans since the blockage of similar legislation in May, and this special session was set to tackle much of what had failed previously. 

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