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Elon Musk To Present ‘Fully Sustainable Future’ For Earth At Tesla Investor Day

Next March 1st, Tesla will hold its first Investor Day at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. On that day, Elon Musk’s third Master Plan for the company’s future is expected to be released.

In a tweet, Musk has said that he will present “the path to a fully sustainable future for Earth.” However, it’s not clear how this will be done. In his previous Master Plans, Musk has presented new vehicles and new ideas for mass transportation and self-driving vehicles. It’s likely that in this new Master Plan, Musk will present a new and more affordable version of the Tesla vehicles.

Musk has also tweeted that Tesla Investor Day will be “a message of good hope & positivity for the future” and this will be an event for people and life on earth.

Musk has also entered the solar panel business. In 2016 he acquired his cousin’s company, SolarCity and started to install solar panels in house roofs. This wasn’t a big deal in the company back then, and it didn’t generate a lot of profit.

But it could be that this time, Tesla will focus more on solar energy. In a tweet, Tesla showed a gif of a “Tesla ecosystem”, with solar panels on a house powering an electric vehicle.

Despite all this, it’s still uncertain what will be presented at the Tesla Investor Day next March 1st. Musk has a history of breaking promises and creating hype. Regardless, if Musk is ready to really commit to the climate change issue and work more in renewable energy, it will be a big change.

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