Texas’ Clean Energy Success Threatened By Push For Fossil Fuels

Texas leads the nation in renewable energy production, but is also the top producer of oil and natural gas.

In 2022 clean energies provided more than 40 percent of the electricity used in the state. Solar energy production almost tripled in the past three years, while coal energy has lost half of its share of the Texas power mix since 2006, according to a Vox article. In all of the country, but specifically in Texas, zero greenhouse gas energies are winning strength.

The clean energies in Texas are complementary, if one source such as solar energy fails, the wind energy can provide the missing part. The amount of wind turbines and solar panels makes it easier for the state to rely on these clean energies.

Despite the rise of renewable energy sources, state officials are trying to get back to fossil fuels. When winter storm Uri hit the state, there was a huge loss of power due to frozen coal piles and natural pipelines, but Gov. Greg Abbott and Republicans blamed renewable energy for the loss of power.

Since then, many Republicans want to incentivize gas plants and make fossil fuels the main source of energy again. Legislators passed a law that prevents the state from doing business with companies that boycott fossil fuels.

Regulators want to attract more investment in natural gas plants and prepare for another winter. Some proposals favoring natural gas plants are already being approved.

With these new tactics and regulations, the future of clean energy seems to be in danger, but there is a clear trend to slowly move away from fossil fuels and towards more sustainable ways of producing energy.

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