Make Money While Saving The Planet

Solar energy isn’t just a great option to use renewable, clean energy in your home. They can also help communities make an extra profit to benefit their towns and homes.

Communities around the U.S. are making money while saving the planet with solar energy. It is simple, really: you buy solar panels to place on your roof, but you place more than the few you need to comfortably cover your energy needs at home. Then, you sell the remaining energy your panels produce to private companies.

The U.S. Department of Energy stated that the cost of solar energy has decreased 70% since 2010, which means it will only be more affordable for people to invest in these panels for their homes, with room to get extra panels and generate even more energy.

You can earn money by owning solar panels in two very easy ways. The tax and grant subsidies that apply in each state can allow you to pay less taxes and even earn some grants for contributing to renewable energy.

If you generate more energy than you need, you can use net metering to export the excess energy and save it in credit. This can be used for your benefit or you can sell it to companies by selling it as renewable energy certificates.

Renewable energy certificates, REC, are made every time a panel generates one megawatt hour of electricity. These are sold to companies and electricity providers, who are also looking to generate more clean energy.

A farmer in Pennsylvania ditched his lifelong career of planting corn to make a solar farm, and the profits from it are more than enough for him to cover his needs and those of his wife and children. These types of practices are becoming more common since they provide people with the opportunity to have a small business that gives them a steady income. 

People in Texas, from Dallas to San Antonio have been opting for renewable energy as panels become more affordable. There is a whole guide dedicated to comparing the companies in these areas and which ones give you more money for your energy by Environment Texas.

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