Ted Cruz Falls Drastically in New GOP Voters Survey

In a new poll released Wednesday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s popularity continued to fall sharply nationally among GOP voters to be the next presidential candidate. 

Tony Fabrizio, a prominent Republican pollster, conducted a new survey of GOP voters, where he asked known registered Republicans or voters affiliated as Republicans their choice to be the Republican nominee for President in 2024.

Former President Donald J. Trump continues to be the clear top choice, dominating the national survey, although he dropped from 51% preference in February to 47% in the new poll from July. 

Ted Cruz, who has been found in multiple scandals this year, including napping during the Congressional Address and fleeing to Cancun during the worst winter storm in decades, decreased his little to no support on the national scale, receiving only 2% in the new poll (dropping from 3% he received in February). 

In another poll, from the same survey that excluded Mr. Trump, Mr. Cruz only received 7% support, dropping almost by half from the 13% he obtained in February. He absorbed only 11% of Trump voters. 

Governor of Florida, Ron de Santis, was the clear winner from the new survey and grew enormously among GOP voters, from 7% to 19% in the poll that included Mr. Trump. However, in a second poll conducted in the same survey that excluded Mr. Trump, Mr. De Santis is the clear front runner, with 39% of the preferences (a 22 point increase from February) and absorbing over 40% of Trump voters.

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