A Texas Republican In Favor Of Trans Rights Hopes That More Republicans Could Change Their Mind

Sarah Davis, a Republican and former lawmaker of the Texas House of Representatives, is one of the few Republicans who fought for legislation that would protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination and stood in favor of abortion rights.

Davis spoke with Pink News of how she became a trans ally. Her first encounter with a transgender child was when a constituent brought her children to her office. The woman explained that one of her children at around age three, began saying that she wanted to wear dresses and have long hair.

Davis said that the child was like any other child she had met, but unfortunately, the child was afraid to go to school because she was afraid to go to the bathroom.

“At that point, I don’t see a little girl or a transgender child. I just see a child who is afraid, and I don’t want to be part of making this child’s life difficult or scary. The government shouldn’t either,” Davis said.

Davis has criticized the Republican Party. She says that the GOP believes in freedom, that’s why they fight against mandatory vaccination, because it’s people’s choice, but when it comes to giving gender-affirming care to a trans child, the government tells you that it’s prohibited.

Texas has been leading the country in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. In May, the state passed a gender-affirming healthcare ban for trans youth.

Davies believes that if more Republican politicians took the time to meet those affected by their decisions, maybe they could change their mind and think about other people.

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