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Doctors Who Treat Trans Kids Are Leaving Texas

Doctors that treat trans kids are leaving Texas after the state banned the use of transition-related care. As a result, patients have to go to other states to continue their treatment.

According to a report by the Texas Tribune, doctors specialized in trans youth care are leaving the state so they can keep providing care to their patients.

“The reason why I’m leaving Texas is that it’s unbearable for me,” Dr. Ximena Lopez said to the Texas Tribune. “It’s so devastating that I just can’t bear living in a state where I feel oppressed and where I’m just seeing my patients suffer.”

Doctors who practice this type of medicine are afraid of losing their jobs, since the state is scaring medical providers from working in Texas and revoking health care for transgender children.

The state also has launched investigations against the families of trans youth and doctors have also been subject to threats of violence.

Medical care to transgender youth is crucial for saving the lives of patients. Transgender youth face higher rates of suicide attempts and mental health problems than cisgender youth. One out of five trans and nonbinary kids attempted suicide in the past year, according to a survey conducted by The Trevor Project.

Lawmakers have also begun to criminalize doctors who provide this type of care to children. They have spread misinformation in the recent legislative session, and this has contributed to distrust among the public and the medical community. Some Hospitals across the country have received bomb threats after far-right campaigns falsely accused them of performing genital surgery on minors.

Doctors are afraid that this could lead to a sort of medical dictatorship, where the state can order doctors to a treatment and to who, without taking into account expert and professional opinion.

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