Texas Is The Worst State To Live In

Texas is the state with the worst quality of life according to a ranking from CNBC.

The Lone Star State had always been at the top of the list for business, and not so good at quality of life, but recently Texas fell in both rankings. This year, Texas dropped out of the top five states for business, ranking in the 6th place. Also, this year Texas ranked last in places to live in the U.S.

New Texas laws banned the use of diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education, transgender healthcare for minors and have also restricted the access to abortions. 

These laws were one of the reasons for the state’s decline. Texas is also the state with the highest percentage of people without healthcare and is among the states with the highest crime rate.

The state’s quality of life ranking has been falling since 2017 and in 2021 it appeared for the first time as one of the 10 worst states to live in.

Despite the ranking, Texas is still an important destination to students and people moving from California, seeking affordable housing.

“Yes, there are enormous economic opportunities in Texas, and it is attracting people from far and wide. But this state also has some Texas-sized issues when it comes to life, health and inclusion,” the report noted.

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