Greg Abbott Calls For An Investigation Over Electoral Misconduct In Harris County

Gov. Greg Abbott called this Monday for an investigation over electoral misconduct in Harris County last November 8th. Abbott published a press release and also tweeted about this issue saying the following: “I’m calling for an investigation into the widespread problems with the Harris County elections last Tuesday. The allegations of election improprieties in our state’s largest county may result from anything ranging from malfeasance to blatant criminal conduct.”

There were several reports of irregularities in Harris county during Election Day. For example, KHOU 11 reported that polling stations were open until 8:00 am, an hour later. Voters that were queued to vote at 7:00 am received provisional ballots that Texas Supreme Court later said would not be counted. Also, issues were reported from across the county, from 21 of 44 machines being down at NRG Arena to the election judge at BakerRipley on Navigation Boulevard saying they couldn’t  open the location on time because they didn’t have the proper election supplies dropped off. Abbott lost Harris county although he won reelection, also, Harris county was one of the strongholds of Texas Democrats and was one of the counties selected to be audited in the 2020 election aftermath.  

Harris County Elections Administrator Clifford Tatum said in a statement Monday that his office is “fully committed to transparency regarding the processes and procedures implemented”

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