CNN Slaps Ted Cruz for Mocking an International Correspondent in Kabul

Texas’ most polemic Senator is once again trending in social media because of conspiracy theories regarding Afghanistan and his criticism of a brave journalist who is working in Kabul. 

Clarissa Ward is CNN’s Chief International Correspondent and is doing an impressive job reporting on the situation in Kabul after the Taliban took the city. Mrs. Ward is putting her life at risk to show the world the current situation in Afghanistan. However, it seems like this is not enough to merit the respect of Ted Cruz…

Even though Clarissa is doing an act of braveness, Senator Cruz believes the work of CNN is not enough and somehow he believes the media outlet is supporting the Taliban regime by reporting facts. Ted mocked Clarissa’s work, from the comfort of his air-conditioned office in Washington, calling her out for “cheerleading” the Taliban forces while wearing a Burka. 

Cruz (unsurprisingly) was obtuse and missed the entire point of the coverage Clarissa was doing. Mrs. Ward was outside the former American Embassy and reported that Taliban forces weren’t hostile, but they were chanting “Death to America”. 

CNN responded harshly to the Senator in Twitter, in one of the most iconic answers in the history of social media, calling out Cruz for “RTing a conspiracy theorist’s misleading soundbite” and remembering Ted of how he ran away to Cancun in one of Texas toughest times:

Perhaps next time the Senator will think twice when he tries to use his social media account to mock a brave reporter and remember this harsh and direct answer by one of USA’s biggest and most respected media companies.

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