Cisneros Lashes at Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar for Blocking Infrastructure Bill

History was made last week in the Capitol. A bipartisan infrastructure bill was passed in the Senate, finally overcoming all the obstacles that existed for the last 20 years that had blocked the possibility for both Democratic and Republican Presidents to pass a much-needed infrastructure bill

Democrats in the House and some Republicans are in favor of passing the bill, but to pass the bill they are asking Congress to advance on the $3.5T budget blueprint that includes additional money for Childcare, Climate Change, and other major American agendas. However, this will face some complications in the house thanks to Texas own legislator Henry Cuellar …. 

Cuellar is among 9 House Democratic moderates that oppose advancing the $3.5T budget. The list also includes Kurt Schrader, Filemon Vela, Ed Case, Vicente Gonzalez, and others. They sent a letter to the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi:

This block by Cuellar may have some serious consequences. Texans need all the things Democrats want to pass so they may end up punishing him in the next primary election. He is already on the hot seat. The last election he won by a small advantage of 4% against new progressive Texan leader Jessica Cisneros, who didn’t let go of the opportunity to call out Rep. Cuellar for standing in the way of progress for Texas. 

Cisneros’s campaign is gaining momentum in South Texas, where she is raising money fast and these big mistakes by Cuellar may end up giving her the votes she needs to become the next Democratic Candidate in South Texas.

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