Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Says SB7 is About “Voter Security” Not Voter Suppression

Dan Patrick

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has dared to say that Senate Bill 7 changes nothing in the election law, and that the controversial piece of legislation, which has gained national attention, is all about restoring Americans’ faith in democracy. 

According to Patrick, the bill was made to make elections more secure, not decrease participation. “The left, the Democrats, many in the media, some in this room, across the state, across the country, have changed the word sadly from ‘voter security’ to ‘voter suppression or ‘voter restriction,’” the 64-year-old Republican said.

“Senate Bill 7 is about voter security not about voter suppression, and I’m tired of lies and the nest of liars who continue to repeat them,” Patrick added, looking somewhat tired.

The matter is something that seems to have deeply affected Patrick, who repeated several times, “nothing has changed in the election code (under SB7) regarding early voting. Nothing has changed.” 

A large number of America’s top companies, including Amazon, Starbucks, and Google recently published a letter expressing their concern over this coordinated effort from GOP politicians to file bills that make it harder for minorities to access voting, an essential principle of democracy.

It’s worth noting that SB7 is designed to reduce local control over elections, and aims to prohibit local election administrators from extending early voting hours and operating drive-thru voting centers. It also bars election officials from sending out mail-in ballot applications without a voter’s request.

So saying that it changes nothing it’s a bit far from the truth. 

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