Beto Honors Democratic Heroes Who Stood Up Against Voter Suppression

Abbott did it, he finally did it. He was able to pass in the House the biggest voting restriction bill in the modern history of Texas. 

Democrats fought a hard, long battle against the GOP to protect voting rights for minorities all over Texas. However, it wasn’t enough. Even as they organized a historic walkout that prevented Abbott from getting the quorum he needed to pass the bill in a special legislative session called in June, eventually they were able to pass it in another special legislative session. 

Beto O’Rourke, one of Texa’s most prominent Democrats and former Congressman from El Paso spoke out against the actions taken at the House and recognized the labor democrats did to prevent Abbott to land a big blow on Democracy. 

He vocally spoke out on Twitter, calling out for the federal government to take action to amplify voting rights for all people and undermine the actions taken by local governments to restrict rights. 

Beto has been conducting a huge campaign in South Texas to register voters, visiting many counties, and helping people to register. 

The fight for Democracy has begun, and the United States is facing its biggest challenge: Republicans attempt to kill it. America needs good people to fight for its political rights and condemned the actions the GOP is taking all over the US.

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