After Risking Billions of Dollars for Texas, Rep. Cuellar Comes Around and Votes in Favor of the $3.5 Budget Blueprint

Progressives and moderates in the Democratic Party were able to come around together and pass an historic $3.5 Trillion Budget Blueprint, also locking a vote for the Infrastructure Bipartisan Bill that passed the Senate less than a month ago. However, both things were at risk as ten centrist Democrats, including Texas’ own Rep. Henry Cuellar, threatened to vote against such a Budget.

Thanks to Tuesday’s passage of the $3.5 trillion budget framework by a vote of 220-212 at the House, Democrats will be able to use a process known as reconciliation to pass a broad package of healthcare, education, and climate-change provisions in the Senate without the support of the GOP. With this, the Biden Economic Agenda will continue to soar all over America, putting money where it matters. 

The budget includes money for Texas, helping with the most important agendas such as healthcare, education, and climate-change, but even with that, the vote was at risk by a Texas Representative: Henry Cuellar, from District 28. He joined a group of 10 Democrats that objected to the budget framework and demanded that the House vote on the infrastructure measure, which had already passed the Senate. 

Cuellar followed the lead of Rep. Josh Gottheimer, from New Jersey, who led the group of rogue Democrats at the House. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was able to lobby the matter and convince his fellow Democratic partners into voting for the Budget and also setting a date for the vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill:

“I am committing to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill by Sept. 27. I do so with a commitment to rally House Democratic support for its passage,” Rep. Pelosi said.

Thanks to the Democrats at the House, the budget will help to expand Medicare to cover dental, hearing, and vision care; the United States will be able to offer universal prekindergarten and two free years of community college; it will also push utilities to generate 80% of the nation’s electricity from clean sources by 2030. 

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