Ted Cruz Left His Dog Home Alone While Vacationing In Cancun

Ted Cruz

Much has been said about Ted Cruz’s trip to Cancun. For some reason, the GOP Senator thought it would be a good idea to escape the cold in Texas and leave his constituents facing an unprecedented power crisis during one of the coldest winters in the state’s recent history. While his actions were not illegal, it does speak volumes about his empathy and sense of duty to his people.

Cruz saw his vacation cut short due to the amount of criticism he faced, even from fellow republican officials like Gov. Abbot or GOP Texas Chairman, Allen West. He immediately changed the return flight for the next day and said he was only trying to be a good dad. He claims her teenage daughters asked for a vacation now that school was canceled.  

Unfortunately for the Senator, before he could make it back to his home in the exclusive River Oaks neighborhood, a reporter noticed that the Cruz family had left behind something important: his pet dog, Snowflake.

Michael Hardy, a reporter for New York magazine’s Intelligencer, visited Cruz’s house and saw a white poodle standing on the front door of the house. Hardy approached a security guard who was parked in the driveway and asked him if that was Ted Cruz’s home, he said it was, and also confirmed the family wasn’t home. 

Let’s not forget Cruz has previously said that her daughters had claimed his house was “freezing”, prompting them to run to sunny Cancun. It only makes it more disturbing that they choose to leave the poor poodle alone, enduring low temperatures all by himself.

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