Gov. Abbott is Trying to Stop Gender-Affirming Medical Care in Texas

After failing to advance the proposal in regular session, Gov. Abbott believes he has found a way to stop gender-affirming medical care in Texas.

“I have another way of achieving the exact same thing, and it’s about a finished product as we speak right now and may be announced as soon as this week,” Abbott said Friday.  

During the regular session, the Senate passed a bill banning all transgender youth treatments, but a similar bill died in the House on account of a deadline. The bill in question will have outlawed gender-affirming surgeries, hormone therapies, and puberty suppressants.

Abbott has been facing pressure from the right after neglecting to include the proposal in the special session agenda. However, Abbott blamed the missing bill on its likelihood of not being passed due to the lower chamber.

While the proposal was not on the special session agenda, two bills limiting transgender students from joining school sports teams were passed during the current special session.

The number of bills in Texas limiting the rights of transgender individuals has “doubled to almost 50” this year. 

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