Fans In Qatar Can Use This Filter To Display The Pride Flag

LGBTQ+ rights have been one of the most important issues during the media coverage of the FIFA 2022 world cup. In Qatar, as in other middle east countries, male homosexuality is illegal and punished with up to three years of jail. Although FIFA said that LGBTQ+ symbols, such as the Pride flag, would be allowed in the stadiums, it has been documented that that is not true.

A lot of people, brands, and organizations have proposed solutions to protests. Pantone, for example, dropped a full-white flag with the Pantone codes of the Pride colors. But the Brazilian magazine Corner has created a new solution for this: Augmented reality.

Football magazine Corner decided to create a new AR tool for fans attending World Cup matches in the capital of Doha. Using a Snapchat filter, fans can carry any sort of FIFA-approved flag or fabric into stadiums, which are digitally transformed to appear like the pride flag.
Anyone can access this filter for free by searching PRIDE Nation on Snapchat. “We believe football is for everyone and we’ll always stand for human rights. That’s why this campaign was born,” says Corner editor and founder Fernando Martinho to Mashable

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