Texas Republicans Previous Blasts About Power Blackouts

Ted Cruz and Dan Crenshaw

It wasn’t that long ago California faced a power blackout similar to the one we are facing today in Texas. Republicans didn’t hesitate to blame Democrats’ politics for that matter, here are some of the things some of them had to say about it.

Senator Ted Cruz was brutal and openly went off criticizing progressive Democrat politicians like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

Likewise, Senator John Cornyn was very open about his opinion on the subject. He tweeted a Dallas News opinion column that was critical of California’s energy policies, “California’s energy nightmare shows us why Texas must trust the free market”:

Rep. Ronny Jackson also went on and attacked green policies:

Unsurprisingly, Attorney General, Ken Paxton couldn’t miss the chance to blame democrats for the incident:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw called out on Democrat energy policies as well:

Even Lt. Governor Dan Patrick went ahead and called out the Dems for California’s power problems:

In the same way, Rep. Chip Roy scrounged on Obama’s plan and rate increases, quoting a tweet by Attorney General Paxton from 2015 that also blasted on Obama’s plan:

With Texas handling its own power grid, there really isn’t much where to hide for the GOP politicians. Maybe next time they’ll think twice before opening their mouths and criticize a problem that may as well be underway right underneath their noses.

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