“Unless your Daughters Tell you to go to Cancun”: Ted Cruz Trolled on Twitter

Ted Cruz has been having a rough year. He started 2021 as one of the GOP’s main leaders and probable future presidential candidate. But he has constantly made a series of bad decisions that have hurt his reputation badly. 

On January 6th he encouraged crowds to lead an attack on the Capitol, supporting Trump’s theory of election fraud. This hurt his credibility badly and started a national campaign of hate against him. Afterward, during Texas’ worst winter storm in its history, he fled to Cancun with his family, avoiding the electricity shortage and the terrible situations that originated under Abbott’s mandate, he even left his dog behind.

He is not the governor of Texas, nor does he have any formal power in the state government. But he had leadership at the moment and as Texas froze, he went on Fox News to falsely blame renewable energy for the shortage and the not yet approved Green New Deal for the crisis in the lone star state.

He is still remembered for the day he failed the good people of Texas and fled the State to run down to Mexico and avoid the problem.

Today, he was reminded of his failure by Emily Brandwin, as he tried to criticize President Biden’s strategy on Afghanistan. 

She called out to him for leaving behind Texas and its good people. People reacted and dozens of thousands of people liked the tweet and users started to post some pictures reminding him of how he left his dog behind or how he tried to fake his Texan patriotism while he abandoned his state. 

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