Russia’s Biggest Cheerleader Is In The U.S.

Last night, the Fox News host, Tucker Carlson shared an unpopular opinion about the Ukraine and Russia conflict.

“Why shouldn’t I root for Russian? Because I am!” said Carlson, demonstrating his support for Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Carlson has been called a traitor and un-American, for trying to secure an interview with Putin by one of his main critics Democratic Rep. David Cicilline.

“Look, it’s not frustrating — it’s sickening. It’s un-American,” Cicilline said. “It’s a continuation of the propaganda machine of Fox, so it’s not surprising, but it’s really, really disappointing.”

The conservative political commentator retaliated during Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”  

“We won’t be quiet, and not just because this is a news organization,” Carlson continued. “Because we’re Americans, and we can talk to anyone we want. We can have any opinion we feel like having. That is not treason, it is not un-American. It’s the whole point of America.”

Among the critics was also MSNBC’s Alex Wagner saying, “Right now, one of the biggest cheerleaders for Russia is also the host of the number one show on Fox News.”

The Lincoln Project also picked up on Carlson’s comments, tweeting it was time to pull the plug on Fox News. 

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