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Missouri Becomes 38th State to Accept Medicaid Expansion – Can Texas Be Far Behind?

On Tuesday, Missouri became the 38th State to accept Federal Medicaid Expansion funds under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed by Former President Obama. The Republican-controlled state voted 53.250% in favor of the ballot initiative. 

During the 86th Texas Legislative session, Republican lawmakers in Texas blocked many Democratic attempts to accept these funds. State Representatives Celia Israel (D-Austin) and John Bucy III (D-Cedar Park) both filed House legislation aimed at adding Medicaid Expansion to the ballot in 2019. While their efforts failed, they are both committed to continuing to fight for the right of Texans to have this fiscally responsible solution to healthcare and the issue of how to pay for it. If Missouri can figure it out, so can Texas.

Federal funds are estimated to total $10 billion a year, could create thousands of new jobs, and reduce the number of uninsured adults in Texas.

Look for more from Israel, Bucy and others during the 87th Legislative session starting in January 2021.

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