Houston Family Receives $95M After Daughter Was Left With Brain Damage In Dental Procedure.

In 2016, 4 year old Nevaeh Hall was taken to the Diamond Dental Practice in Houston for a dental procedure. According to information published by McClatchy News, she was sedated and strapped to a “papoose board” by her dentist who intended to perform a baby root canal as well as place a crown on one of her back teeth. When the dentist started to drill, Hall started to convulse. 

The girl was left with severe, irreversible brain damage, she is blind and unable to walk or talk. She requires 24-hour medical care. Nevaeh’s parents filed a lawsuit in 2017 arguing that his daughter was not properly sedated; they also argued that the dentist took way too much to call for medical assistance even though the dentist knew something was wrong.

On Wednesday, a state district court jury in Houston sided with Hall’s family and awarded them $95 million but they may never see a dollar because the dentist insurance will cover just a very small portion of that amount.  

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Written by Reuters


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