‘I Really Disagree With Most Of His Views’: Ted Cruz’s Daughter Isn’t ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’

Sen. Ted Cruz’s 13-year-old daughter, Caroline Cruz has recently uploaded some content on TikTok that suggests she isn’t really “daddy’s little girl,” quite the contrary, they just don’t see eye to eye on most issues. 

The Dallas Observer reported that Caroline tells her TikTok followers about the pros and cons of being a senator’s kid. 

“On the plus side, I get to travel and sometimes receive gifts,” she says, “However, If I want to go on a walk through the neighborhood or to my friend’s house or something, I have to have two security guards behind me the entire time.” 

Next, Caroline reveals something even more unexpected.

“A lot of people judge me based upon him at first glance,” Caroline said, “but I really disagree with most of his views.”

I guess If  #CancunCruz was my father, I would have the same opinion.

Additionally, Caroline Cruz reveals that she considers herself to be bisexual, which is certain to enreage her father, who has long been an anti-LGBTQ extremist, as reported by Deep Left Field

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