Did Senator #ToadCruz Swallow a Fly on Fox News?

Well, Ted Cruz did it again, the Texas Senator ranked on the #1 spot of trending topics on Twitter for allegedly swallowing a fly during a Fox News interview.

The video, which isn’t even new, resurfaced on the Twitterverse last week and had many people wondering whether or not the GOP senator really did eat a fly on live TV. 

#ToadCruz was on the top of Twitter’s trending list, adding a new name to the long list of Cruz’ nicknames, other known names for the senator include “Kremlin Cruz,” “Cancun Cruz,” and “Ted Snooze.”

According to Newsweek, the clip was edited. The video was taken from an interview Cruz gave to Fox News’ Sean Hannity on June 28, 2019. 

Someone thought it would be funny to add a black insect moments before the Senator appears to have something in his throat, coughs, and then drinks a sip of water. The original edit of this video appeared on Reddit and the insect was supposed to be a spider, not a fly.

So it seems like for now, Cruz never actually ate a fly.

What do you think?


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