Beto O’Rourke Calls for Action to Defend Abortion Access

Beto O’Rourke, candidate for Texas Governor for the Democratic party, has been loud on social media about his ongoing mission to allow women to have a choice over their own bodies and have legal access to safe abortions.

 Over the last few days, the draft opinion that Politico leaked from the Supreme Court stating that it is considering striking down the Roe v. Wade case, which guarantees the universal right to abortion to women in the United States, has caused pandemonium on social media. People and liberal politicians agree that this poses a real threat to women’s rights, and would be a huge step back from the progress that has been made until this point.

For Texas, a state with a history of extremely uptight laws regarding abortion, where despite the Roe v. Wade case doting the right for abortion in all the country, a law was passed on September 1st of last year finding legal loopholes to essentially prohibit all abortions after around six weeks of pregnancy, it would mean that Texans that have been seeking help through clinics in other states will be out of the question. 

O’Rourke has been active on social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram, for the promotion of his candidacy for Governor. He has spoken on women’s reproductive rights since the start, with the promise that he will fight for Texan women’s right to access to safe, legal abortions. 

On Monday, he tweeted: 

After the leak from the Supreme Court, Beto has been sharing information, providing context on the situation, held an Instagram Live to talk with Cecile Richards, former president of Planned Parenthood, to discuss the individual actions to take regarding this attack on women’s reproductive rights and called the people of Houston to march on Saturday in protest of the strike down of the Roe v. Wade case and to continue to fight for legal abortion access in Texas.

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