Father Of Uvalde Victim Protests With Tattoo

Brett Cross, father of 10-years old Uziyah García, who was murdered last May 24 in Uvalde, along with 18 other children and two teachers, published a tweet showing a tattoo he made in his arm to remember his son. 

The tattoo is an upside down American flag with the quote: “The sounds of children screaming has been removed”. Along with the photo of the tattoo, Brett Cross wrote the message: “What started as a warning on a video of the tragedy has been reclaimed. Their screams weren’t just silenced. Their voices were indefinitely. We are their voices! #remembertheirnames

Bett Cross, started the organization LivesRobb for people affected by the tragedy, has been outspokenly critical of law enforcement’s failed response to the shooting and of Gov. Greg Abbott’s refusal to pass gun control legislation in Texas in response.

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