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Trump’s Killing Spree: Federal Executions in the Last Days of the Presidency

Prior to 2020, the federal government hadn’t executed a prisoner in 17 years. Between 1963 and 2019, the government had executed only three people. Dustin Higgs, whose execution is scheduled for Friday night, will bring Trump’s total executions to 13.

Higgs and Corey Johnson, who was executed on Thursday night, had contracted COVID-19 while on death row, and their legal teams had requested to delay their executions.

Democrats have filed a bill to end the death penalty, however other action to halt Trump’s spate of executions is unlikely.

The final two executions come on the heels of Lisa Montgomery, who was the first woman to be executed in 68 years.

As reported by NBC News, Montgomery’s lawyers sought a chance to save her from execution by proving incompetence, since she suffered from severe mental illness that was “exacerbated by the lifetime of sexual torture she suffered at the hands of caretakers”.

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