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In Time of Uncertainty, This Leader Calls for Moments of Silence For Children

The concepts of prayer and moments of silence in public schools have historically been met by progressives with hesitancy. In the following El Paso Times opinion piece by Levi Greenberg, an associate rabbi in El Paso, he encourages families to take that moment of silence with the children at the beginning of each day.

As Texas children start back to school, there is so much uncertainty surrounding everything they do. And they are in control of none of it. As adults we meditate, practice yoga, exercise, or just take a few minutes to recenter ourselves.

“Today, a “moment of silence” is mandated in over twenty states including Texas, but the Rebbe explained that, when implemented meaningfully, this moment of silence can have a transformative effect on our youth and change the course of history.”

It is imperative, in this day of virtual learning, we provide moments for our children to help prepare them for the day. It doesn’t have to be prayer or silence, it can be what works best for them. After all, as Greenberg states, “…we cannot simply equip our children with the tools to embark on successful careers, we must teach them how to choose right over wrong and good over evil. To live lives of service and higher purpose.”

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