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Trump Supporters Gather in Dallas Believing JFK Jr. is Returning to Life

Trump - JFK Jr.
Women Waving Trump and JFK Jr. Flag on Rally in Dallas. Photograph by Elias Valverde II / The Dallas Morning News / TNS

Trump supporters with affiliation to the QAnon conspiracy theorists gathered earlier today in downtown Dallas to anticipate the return of John F. Kennedy Jr,, who passed away in 1999, and for the reinstatement of Trump. 

On a day where state and municipal elections continued into the evening across Texas, a renowned QAnon Telegram influencer told his followers that not only will JFK Jr. (who died in an aircraft crash at the age of 38) will return, but that today’s events will prove a QAnon Conspiracy (and fake) theory: that every US president and law since 1871 is illegitimate.

The “1871 theory” is explained by Shayan Sardarizadeh: “The theory is based on a false interpretation of the Organic Act,” she writes in BBC. “[The act] merely turned the District of Columbia into a municipal corporation, better known as a local governing body, and has no relation to a president or the US as a whole.”

This “loophole” in the law, widely believed by QAnon and Trump supporters, supposedly makes Trump’s reinstatement possible. With this, Trump can make JFK Jr. his vice-president after his return (who is believed by this group to be hiding), then stepping down, making Kennedy Jr. president. 

The influencer states that once Trump steps down, he will become “1 of 7 new Kings. Most likely the King of Kings.”

At the moment, there is no sign of JFK Jr. return.

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