Senator Ted Cruz Picks a Fight With Daily Show’s Host Trevor Noah

Ted Cruz and Trevor Noah

The Daily Show’s recent segment regarding the census and the number of congressional seats for each state ruffled some republican feathers, and that includes Texas Senator, Ted Cruz.

Trevor Noah’s segment implied that having New York losing a congressional seat while Texas won two was bad news for America, and added that the country was now like it was in the 1930s, “Not a great time be alive,” the host said.

Senator Cruz used his Twitter account to imply that people move to Texas because they like freedom.

Needles to say, the Senator should think twice before trying to pick a fight with Noah, who met his attack with a clever response, “Not sure I’d be using the words “fleeing” and “Texas” in the same sentence, Senator Cancun” he tweeted back, referring to the time when Cruz left his home state during an unprecedented crisis to vacation in Cancun.

Cruz couldn’t remain silent after that, so he tweeted back, saying he remembered when the Daily Show was funny.

By then, The Daily Show’s previous host, Jon Stewart came to Noah’s defense and joined the discussion, congratulating Cruz for remembering the previous night

The riff was finally ended by Noah, who said this event marks the day that Senator Cruz fought back harder against a tweet from a late-night show than he ever did when Trump implied his wife was ugly.

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