Matthew McConaughey’s Potential Run for Texas Governor Shocks Former Co-Star Kate Hudson

In a recent episode of Rob Lowe’s Literally! Podcast, Matthew McConaughey’s former co-star Kate Hudson was flummoxed after hearing the news of the actor’s potential run for Governor of Texas.

McConaughey’s political aspirations were entirely unknown for Hudson who was rendered speechless after Rob Low casually asked her if she was going to help him with his campaign.

“That was a long pause,” said Low, “Can I just say, for the record, that was a very long pause.” 

Hudson and McConaughey have been friends for a long time, and the pair have co-starred in a couple of successful rom-coms such as How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and Fool’s Gold. 

The Almost Famous star later replied, “Sorry, hold on. Let me just take a sip of my [drink]. I have not heard this. This is the first I’m hearing of McConaughey getting into politics.”

“He’s a really interesting guy,” Hudson added. “I, honestly, if he does want to get into politics, I believe that Matthew, you probably wouldn’t get a politician who would care as much as he does, you know? I think he’s very authentic in how much heart, um, but the governor of Texas is a big job. I mean, is that what we’re talking about? The governor of Texas?…Oh, wow.” 

She also said she feels like he’d have a real chance to win the election.

It’s worth mentioning that McConaughey hasn’t made any official announcement or anything, back in March he told CNBC that he was still considering it, “I’m not teasing the idea or anything. I’m actually trying to look at the idea and give it serious consideration. I have a new chapter for myself, personally in my life. I believe it is in some sort of leadership role.”

Ever since rumors haven’t stopped flying around, and a surprising survey showed that more people would vote for him than for Texas current governor, Gregg Abbott who is up for his third reelection run. 

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