GOP Positions On Same Sex Marriages Are Making That Lifelong LGBTQ+ Republicans Want To Vote Blue For The First Time

The overturn of Roe v Wade earlier this year, the comments Justice Clarence Thomas made regarding same sex marriages and the current culture war over trans rights and trans representation are putting these issues at the very top of the voter’s priorities list, specially on LGBTQ+ voter. This is crucial in Texas, a state that has the second largest queer population, just after California. 

The Texas Tribune interview Thomas Smith, a lifelong gay Republican born and raised in Texas who is voting blue for the first time in his life. Smith, a 52 years old former police officer, principally resents the GOP position regarding same sex marriage. “Ever since the Texas GOP put out their platform earlier in the year, I feel like they deliberately excluded me from the party,” he said to the Tribune. “I don’t agree with all Democratic ideas, but I would rather be part of them than support a group of people who personally have a vendetta against myself.”

Smiths concern about the GOT targeting the LGBTQ+ population when after the overturn of Roe v Wade, Clarence Thomas openly invited challenges over same sex marriage and contraceptics. In regard of that, Sen. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn assured that they will vote against any federal legislation that protected these rights. Unlike other LGBTQ+ Texans that have considered moving to more “friendly” states like California or Colorado, Smith can imagine himself leaving Texas. His family has lived here for a hundred years and he build himself as life we does not want to give up to just because he is a gay man. That is why he’s voting for Democrats for the first time.

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Written by Reuters


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