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Texas Women Lead the Charge for the 19th Ratification and We Can Do It Again

Minnie Fisher watches Governor William Hobby sign to officially ratify the 19th amendment

In the midst of one of the most important election cycles in generations, Texas needs to be reminded that we were once on the leading edge of progress. As the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment 100 years ago today, we understood the power of the persuasive voice of women and the potential that we have if we all have a voice in the process. Though full voting equality for everyone did not happen until 1965, without the 19th amendment it likely would never have been achieved.

It is imperative that we face this election with the same tenacity that Minnie Fisher Cunningham and her group of rabble rousers once did. With more women on the ballot in Texas, we stand at the precipice of substantive progressive change. Texas can once again be at the forefront of progression. We are capable of leading the entire country by our example and the memory of Cunningham and her drive for the right to vote demand it.

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