Texas GOP EC Member Says Romney Should be Introduced to “Mr. Guillotine”

With Congress set to formalize President-elect Biden’s win this Wednesday and unable to provide any evidence of widespread voter fraud, Sen. Ted Cruz and others seem to be losing their heads in the final weeks before inauguration day.

Since the results from the presidential election were made official by the Electoral College, Cruz has led the movement to deny the outcome, announcing last Saturday that he and 10 other GOP senators would oppose Biden’s certification.

Following Sen. Mitt Romney’s statement describing the opposing efforts led by Cruz as “nonsense,” Texas GOP official Terry Harper posted on Facebook that he wanted Romney “introduced to our friend Mr. Guillotine.”

Harper later called it a “misunderstanding” and claimed the guillotine was just a metaphor to illustrate why a “Never Trumper” like Romney should be driven from office.

The dissenting senators and senators-elect “largely acknowledged” that their position will not impact the outcome of the election.

Sen. John Cornyn, along with other GOP leadership have said that they will certify the election results on Wednesday, exposing further splits within the Republican party. 

With the ongoing feud just weeks ahead of inauguration day, Romney wrote in a statement, “I could never have imagined seeing these things in the greatest democracy in the world.

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