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Candidate Profile: Kathy Cheng for Texas Supreme Court Place 6

Supreme Court Candidate Kathy Cheng / Photo Credit: Kathy Cheng for Justice Campaign

Progressive candidate Kathy Cheng is running for Texas Supreme Court Place 6 against Republican Jane Bland. Bland was appointed to the court in 2019 by Governor Greg Abbott when Justice Jeff Brown moved to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas. She ran against Brown in 2018, securing 46.3% of the vote.  Cheng won the Democratic Primary with 74.5 % of the vote against Larry Praeger. Cheng earned her J.D. from South Texas College of Law in 2000 and has had history volunteering with the League of Women Voters in Houston.

“I am Kathy Cheng, Democratic nominee for Texas Supreme Court, Place 6. I am running to restore integrity and justice by making sure every Texan’s voice is heard and receives justice in Texas courts. Fairness and justice are important to me because my family fled an oppressive regime to come to the United States when I was a little girl. Not having spoken a word of English, reciting something repeatedly was one way to learn to pronounce words quickly and accurately. I first learned to speak and pronounce words from the Pledge of Allegiance as that was a daily morning routine for elementary students at that time. I also quickly learned that “indivisible” means not able to take apart, “liberty” is freedom, “justice” means fair play, and “for all” means everyone. For someone whose family had left their native country due to political oppression, I felt then the three long years of journey across the world to reach the land that I now proudly call home, the United States of America, gave me the ultimate jackpot….freedom, equality, and fairness.” – Kathy Cheng for Justice Campaign

Cheng has directly called out the nepotism on the court as seven of the nine judges serving have been appointed to their positions, not elected. 

“In Texas, the notion of “justice for all” is not a current reality.  The Texas Supreme Court, the highest court in Texas, consisting of nine justices, have all been Republicans for almost the last twenty-five years.  Seven out of nine current justices have been appointed by either Governor Rick Perry or Governor Greg Abbott to their current positions.  Texas’ long history of nepotism has resulted in the Texas Supreme Court’s composition of justices looking nothing like the Texas general population or reflecting Texas values.  Everyone deserves justice, not just the rich, powerful or special interest groups.”

If elected, Cheng will interpret Texas statute with the best interests of all Texans. She holds the term “justice for all” seriously and hopes to stand up for the everyday Texan. She has been endorsed by the Texas AFL-CIO, University Democrats, WoW Democrats, the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas, and more

To learn more about Kathy Cheng or her campaign, click here

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