NYC Mayor Declares State of Emergency to Handle The Crisis Of Migrants Coming From Texas

New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared on Friday a state of emergency. According to information published by his office, migrants being bused into NYC from Texas and Florida have increased the number of people in the city’s shelters to a record high. Adams’ declaration of a state of emergency seeks to help these migrants and handle the crisis.

According to Adams, before the start of the bus crisis, New York City had more than 61,000 individuals seeking asylum; since April, Adams said more than 17,000 other people have arrived in the city directly from the Southern Border.

Greg Abbott has repeatedly said that he invites Eric Adams to visit the Southern border to see that the crisis NYC lives in is “just a fraction of what Texas has to deal with”. According to the Texas Tribune, Greg Abbott has spent around $14 million sending migrants to cities including Washington, D.C., New York, and Chicago — self-proclaimed sanctuary cities — as a political statement about an increase in migrants at the Texas border. The mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, has also declared a public health emergency.

El Paso has been the epicenter of this crisis, as each day, border officials encounter an average of 1,500 migrants in the El Paso region, according to the city’s website. This city’s authorities have sent dozens of buses to the North, and Adams also urged El Paso to control this situation. 

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Written by Reuters


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