Abbott Places Razor Wire In Texas Border With New Mexico

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott just ordered razor wire to be placed in Rio Grande, but this time, on the Texas border with New Mexico, according to Border Report.

Installing razor wire is nothing new, Texas has installed this barrier on riverbanks between El Paso and Juarez, Mexico as part of his plan of stopping crossings from Mexico to Texas. But this barrier extends from the American canal off West Paisano Drive to the Anapra bridge at Sunland Park.

“Our barriers around El Paso (Texas) forced the migrants crossing illegally to enter into New Mexico. They then enter El Paso from there. To that end, we are building a barrier on the New Mexico border,” wrote Abbott in a tweet.

As a response, both Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa and New Mexico Democratic Party Chair Jessica Velasquez issued a joint statement calling for the interstate barrier to be removed, calling it a political stunt, and citing environmental damage, community division and injuries to vulnerable migrants.

The New Mexico Republican Party responded by saying: “It is unbelievable that the Democratic Party of New Mexico would call to remove any barrier from along New Mexico’s southern border when fentanyl, cartels, human traffickers and members of terror watchlists pour through the open border daily,”

This is part of Abbott’s border operation, Operation Lone Star, as he tries desperately to decrease the numbers of migrants. Abbott also placed buoys as a floating barrier in Eagle Pass.

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