140 Migrants Arrived In NYC From Texas To Seek Asylum

Buses with 140 migrants arrived in NYC last August 21. Officials are calling this the largest single-day arrival of migrants from Texas, according to CNN.

Shaina Coronel, Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs spokesperson, told CNN that “the group was a mix of families and individuals. City officials estimate there were around 10 children, including a 10-month-old baby.” The 140 asylum seekers are among the thousands Gov. Greg Abbott sent from Texas to Washington D.C. and New York to criticize Biden’s inmigration policies. According to the Office of Inmigration Affairs, 6,000 migrants have arrived in New York City from other states since May. 

According to Coronel, NYC provided legal assistance as there were two bilingual lawyers available to answer legal questions from asylum seekers. Also, volunteers gathered to help and assist the migrants. They provided food, water and clothing. For example, members of the NYC Jewish community welcomed the buses of migrants with signs written in Hebrew, Spanish and English, they also provided essentials such as shoes and toiletries. 

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