TikTok Makes Fun of Conservative Gun Owners

Republicans seem to fight arduously for their right to keep themselves “safe” by carrying firearms. They claim it is part of free America, of what its Founders dreamed of. The political party has always been keen to shut down laws that could restrict gun use. In their logic, people have the right to own arms as long as they look and think like them.

TikTok account @official_millonarie uploaded a satirical skit putting a spin on conservative republicans’ speech on the right to bear arms, with two white cowboys, and a black man dressed as a Black Panther member.

The NRA thinks that everyone should have guns!

The National Rifle Association in the United States has always had a large, white conservative following, with its sole existence being to promote gun ownership in America. Back in 2017 there was a controversy in which the NRA tried to call Black Lives Matter racist and criticized their actions, for which they received much criticism. 

Yes, all of my brothers should have guns and we will not rest until we are roaming the streets heavily armed!

The Black Panthers were a Party for Self-Defense founded in October of 1996 by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seal. Black nationalism, armed self-defense, and socialism were their goals and it was a revolutionary organization in the United States, largely ostracized by republicans who painted them as violent, brutal, and a threat to America.

It is a funny and satirical video that reminds us of the hypocrisy of somo GOP members who claim to fight for freedom but feel uncomfortable when people who don’t look like them or who don’t align with their beliefs try to use arms to fight for their rights.

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