Ted Cruz Was Booed By A Crowd After Saying He Pursues More Police Force In Schools.

Sen. Ted Cruz participated in a panel of the Texas Tribune festival and there, he made several commentaries about the recent school shootings and how, in his opinion, it is necessary to increase the police presence in schools to prevent these tragedies. Cruz says that “one of the most effective ways to prevent mass shootings is to enhance security at vulnerable targets and add more police in schools.” The crowd at the event booed the Senator after his comments.

Cruz first criticized the Democratic approaches to the problem by saying: “Whenever you have a mass murder you have Democrats in Washington and the step they immediately go to is ‘we need to take away firearms from law-abiding citizens'” and then he poited out that “solution is to prosecute criminals and put them in jail”, after that Cruz provocatelly said that he has propose legislation to “double the police force in schools”. After that, some members of the public started booing and yelling at Cruz. 

After that, teh Senator answered: “Look, if you have a solution to stop the deranged evil murderers, I’d love to hear it,” Cruz said. My solution is to throw them in jail…Stop them before they commit these crimes. There are some we won’t know beforehand, and the single best step to stop them is to have armed officers on campus that can stop them before they kill our kids.”

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