Ted Cruz Is Undecided About Gun Control Policies

After the Uvalde Shooting, Democratic senator Chris Murphy begged Congress to support him in establishing new gun control policies. Republican senator John Cornyn was open for conversation almost immediately, according to CBS News.

Chris Murphy and John Cornyn decided to lead the negotiations and find common ground on a subject more linked to political polarization than public safety. 

John Cornyn, from Texas, has convinced at least 9 Republican senators to back him up, but Ted Cruz, his Republican colleague, also from Texas is skeptical about the proposal, according to The Texas Tribune

The bill that counts with bipartisan support has been qualified by experts as modest. The framework includes implementing red-flag laws -which consist in taking away arms from people that could represent a risk to themselves or others- rising to 21 the age to purchase firearms, funding mental health services, and expanding background checks. 

What concerns Senator Cruz about this bill are the red-flag policies. “We’ve seen consistently whenever there is a horrific criminal event that Democrats’ top priority is not stopping the bad guys, not stopping the criminals, but rather disarming law-abiding citizens,” he told reporters on Capitol Hill.

Ted Cruz proposed instead to enhance school safety. He stated he could work with the democrats if they agree to discuss school “hardening” provisions. According to the Market Watch, Ted Cruz has received more than 300 thousand dollars from the NRA during his 2018 campaign. 

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