People Won’t Stop Protesting Until Lawmakers Decide To Prevent Tragedies Like The Shooting At Uvalde

Three weeks have passed since an 18-year-old killed 19 kids and 2 teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, but the victim’s names have not been forgotten, and the “controversy” has not gone quiet. On the contrary, Uvalde’s shooting has brought out of oblivion other names and tragedies.

People all over America protested against loose gun policies this past Saturday in at least 400 locations, according to USA Today. The nationwide demonstration was convened by March for Our Lives. The demands were clear: a red-flag policy, background checks, and raising the age to purchase a gun to 21, among other modest measures. 

In Texas, there were plenty of congregations. Fort Worth, El Paso, Amarillo Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas were some of the cities in which people gathered to address this security crisis. In Fort Worth, a teacher holding a sign that said “NO MORE” told the Texas Tribune he was completely against the Texas congress’s current idea of arming teachers “I’m just a science nerd,” He said. “I’m not a military officer.”

According to the  Texas Tribune, demonstrations were held in  Atlanta; Boston; Brooklyn, New York; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago; Cincinnati; Detroit; Los Angeles; Louisville, Kentucky; Minneapolis; Nashville; Orlando; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Portland, Maine; Providence, Rhode Island; San Francisco; St. Louis; and Salt Lake City and many other statehouses. 

President Joe Biden encouraged the U. S. Congress to listen to the demands of the people who marched and act on them in a tweet. “I join them by repeating my call to Congress: do something”. 

The U.S. House passed legislation to raise the minimum age to 21 to purchase a semi-automatic rifle, ban high-capacity magazines and allow courts to confiscate arms from people who can represent a danger to anyone or themselves. This last measure is also called “Red Flags”. John Corryn from the Republican party and Chris Murphy from the Democrats are leading the negotiation for more restrictive gun laws. 

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