More School Shooting Threats Occur In Texas

Days after the tragic school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, two other schools had a school shooting threat.

A student at Berkner High School in North Texas was arrested after police found a pistol and a replica rifle in his car, just a day after the event at Uvalde. The school was also placed under lockdown in order to protect the students. 

After almost an hour of lockdown, the police told the school staff it was safe to resume regular activities. The student’s identity is protected due to him being a minor, but he was charged with unlawful carrying weapons in a weapon-free school zone.

A nearby elementary school, just two minutes away from Berkner, was also placed under lockdown after a threat. It didn’t last long, since no weapons were found and school staff notified the parents that it was under control.

Donna ISD will be closing all its campuses Thursday and Friday after a credible shooting threat was reported to the police. 

An AK-47, a gas-operated assault rifle, along with a list of targeted students, was found at the home of one of the suspects by police forces. There are two other people at the school who were allegedly involved in the plan.

My RGV News released the statement that Donna ISD authorities sent out to the parents:

“We’ve received a credible threat of violence that is currently under investigation,” the message read. “In light of the recent events and in an abundance of caution, we will be canceling school district-wide classes and staff will work from home. The safety and security of our students & staff is our first priority. Classes will resume on Tuesday morning.”

After school shootings as big as the one in Uvalde on Tuesday, it is pretty common to see copycat shooters appear shortly after events like this. After a shooting in Detroit in April, more than 100 Michigan schools had to close due to threats. It becomes a pressing risk for other elementary schools and high schools, and school staff along with police forces have to be ever more cautious of any threats.

The fact that kids are in real threat of attending school and being shot is one that becomes more common in the United States. These situations, where the common denominator is that young people and minors can have access to rifles and guns, is a pattern and could have solutions if gun regulation was treated as the public security crisis it is. 

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