Frisco School Leader Under The Scrutinize Of GOP Members

Rep. Representative Jared Patterson claims Mike Waldrip, superintendent of Frisco School District is not doing enough to keep pornographic books banished from schools. 

In response to these allegations, Waldrip wrote a message to the parents, in which he said his team and he was “unequivocally committed to ensuring our libraries do not contain sexually inappropriate materials,” according to The Dallas Morning News.

Besides constantly complaining on Twitter, Rep. Jared Patterson has had meetings with the school district staff and board members and has encouraged them to sign a pledge that forbids them to buy books from the vendors who have sold “pornographic” books in the past. 

Waldrip countered this initiative by saying that it’s not the Frisco District Board’s job to attend to the petitions and suggestions of third parties. Waldrip additionally complained that Rep. Jared Patterson has not shown a disposition to work collaboratively with him. 

On the other hand, Patterson has said that Frisco´s superintendent is more preoccupied with criticizing him than to secure the schools from pornographic books. 

Republicans in Texas had pressured school boards to banish “pornographic books” since last year. Gov. Greg Abbott has responsibilized the school district to shield the students of Texas. 

Although the official speech of GOP members uses the term “pornography” in an attempt to create a possible danger for the children, books on LGBTQ issues or Critical Race Theory are being banished too according to The Texas Tribune. 

Waldrip insinuated that Patterson is pulling a political campaign out of this subject. The superintendent reported that after a complaint from a republican lawmaker on a specific book, the school board decided to remove it. Two months later, Patterson was still complaining about the book that was no longer on the shields. 

To shield Texas “children” from pornographic content, the school boards of the state will write a new book policy that will respond to every republican request. 

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