Most Americans Think Abortion Should Be Legal

61% of American adults think abortion should be partially or completely legal while 37% of Americans think it should be partially or completely illegal. And if most Americans support abortion rights, why did the U. S.Supreme Court overturn Roe vs. Wade this morning?

This Friday, June 24th the Supreme Justices made public their decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, the precedent that kept abortion legal in America. But how many Americans agree with this decision? And who are they?

There are more women (61%) that want abortion to remain legal than men (41%) according to Pew Research Center. The support of the different ethnicities in America is divided. 59% of the white people believe in a woman´s right to have an abortion, 68% of the black people, 60% of the Hispanic people, and 74% of the Asian people. We can conclude minorities are more likely to support abortion than white people. 

An interesting factor in the ideological debate around abortion is that 54% of the people older than age 65 are against legal abortion, while only 24% of the people younger than 29 are against it. 74% of the youth in the country support abortion rights and will be forced to face the future consequences of its penalization in some states. 

Post-grad students are more likely to support abortion (69%) while people that didn’t complete high school level are more likely to be against abortion (54%).

The abortion debate is not only ideological but religious and the figures show most Catholics (56%) and protestants (52%) are against the right to choose. To make the point clear, 80% of nonreligious Americans want abortion to remain legal. 

In a poll made by CNN 47% of Republican men stated they want to keep abortion legal and 43% of the women. But in a more recent poll, Pew research found out that 80% of Democrats believe it’s a women’s and doctor’s decision, and only 39% of the Republicans agree. 

Coming back to the first question, if abortion rights have the majority of Americans’ support, why did the Supreme Court overturn it? First of all, the majority of the justices in the Supreme Court are conservatives. The justices stated that the right for abortion is not in the constitution and should be left to decide to each state. 

Second of all, red states have been pushing abortion banning policies and are ready to penalize women and doctors who perform an abortion 30 days from now, when the states regulate the new abortion policies. 

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