Houston Starbucks Workers Go On Strike After Union Leader Was Fired

A week after the workers of the Starbucks located at 2801 S. Shepherd Drive in Houston voted to form a union; they held a strike on Saturday to protest that a worker was fired in retaliation for leading unionizing efforts.

On social media, the workers of that Starbucks said that Josh Deleon, who had been working Starbuck for nine year, was fired just five days before the voting for a union was held. The excuse for firing Deleon was that he was a “time theft”. Deleon is one of three Starbucks workers who have been fired from stores in Texas where union organizing has taken place, according to Starbucks Workers United (SBWU). 

The Starbucks Workers United of Houston started a campaign criticizing the decision of the company with a tweet that says: “We are angered and sad to say that one of our lead union organizers, Josh Deleon, was fired last Saturday by Starbucks. We will not stand for this. More information can be found in the GroupMe description. Please share and donate in solidarity with Josh.” They also launched a GoFundMe campaign to support Deleon that has raised a little more than $3000 dollars. 

The temporary strike started in October 3 and there has not been an answer from Starbucks yet

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