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2017 Texas Boys State > 2020 Republican National Convention

Kimberly Guilfoyle speaking at the 2020 Republican National Convention Monday Evening

In 2017, the Texas Boys State Convention was held in Austin. These boys, who are nominated by members of the American Legion to participate in a mock government for a week, come from all over Texas to hone their political skills. The 2017 edition brought a controversial platform vote calling for Texas to secede from the United States in America. In a brave show of true patriotism and leadership, party leaders and candidates ended the discussion as quickly as it began.

Steven Garza, a delegate from Houston, and the convention’s Nationalist Party nominee for Governor pleaded to fellow delegates during his campaign speech, “Some gave all. All gave some. Not just for Texans, but for all Americans. To secede is to dishonor their memories and make their sacrifices in vain. We have the opportunity to do something great. Are we going to make headlines for the wrong reasons? Are we gonna dishonor the Legionnaires who consider us to be the best that Texas has to offer?”

Last night, Republicans held the first night of their 2020 convention and to say it was a circus is an understatement. With no clear 2020 party platform, since the Republican National Committee declared their platform to be full support of the Trump Administration, there was no rutter to help steer the ship. And no one brave soul emerged to guide it to port.

As Erica Grider, columnist for the Houston Chronicle, talks about a new documentary coming out on Apple about the 2017 Boys State convention in the story below, one can’t help but think that the RNC could take some pointers from these young men.

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