Texas Power Grid Wasn’t Able to Handle a Winter Storm. Can it Handle Tesla?

In February, a winter tragedy struck down Texas. The polar jet stream dipped unusually deep south into the United States, spanning from Washington to Texas. This weather event caused record-breaking low temperatures across Texas, with temperatures in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio dropping below those in Anchorage, Alaska.

As of July 14, 2021, the total death toll of the power crisis was reported at 210. Although some estimates calculate the number could go as high as 702 killed.

Texas’ power grid wasn’t ready to face such extreme temperatures, and the people paid the price.

Unfortunately, Gov. Abbott turned the page quickly, failing to reform ERCOT and energy-related laws to prevent another disaster such as this, thinking that it will not happen again.

Even with an unstable power grid, and an untrustworthy power grid, Tesla decided to build one of its gigafactories in Texas, with the intent to produce the Model 3 of its electric cars.

The question that arises is how will it work? Is the state able to support this factory?. ERCOT wasn’t able to provide energy to millions of citizens during the Lone Star’s worst crisis in years, so will it be able to provide energy to a company that makes electric cars?

And if it does provide enough electricity for the gigafactory and all of its infrastructure, can it do so without taking away energy for working-class Texans?

What do you think?

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