Meet The New Features Of Apple Devices

Apple has revealed the new devices that will be launched in the next months for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. 

In the Apple WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDA) that started this past Monday, a video featuring Craig Federeghi explained the new devices that Apple will launch in the next few months, according to Mashable. 

For starters the iPad and iPhone OS 16. These devices permit real-time iCloud sharing, updated parent control, and the possibility of deleting messages.

The iPad allows users to do a lot of things at the same time. Its pro features permit collaboration with other people by using facetime, screen sharing, and messages simultaneously during work. 

To ease remotely collaborative work, Apple has created an app called Freeform that fits perfectly with the iPad features. Although its characteristics are very similar to the ones contained in Google Docs or Microsoft Office.

It also has a system called Stage Manager that offers the possibility of having several windows open and overlay apps to have a bigger picture of your work. This system comes with all the presented devices. 

According to Craig Federeghi, a fundamental part of working on a Mac is creativity and productivity as he said in the introductory video. That’s how the Stage Manager was thought of, as a system that prioritizes without overwhelming the easy access to windows that permits multitasking 

The Mac Os Ventura presents the Stage Manager as its best feature. As we mentioned earlier the Stage Manager organizes the windows in order to speed up the work and groups the secondary apps from the primary ones to avoid distractions. 

The other great novelty is the “Spotlight” system, according to CNBC news. This exclusively Apple system is a searcher in which you can explore applications, your own photos, or internet posts in the same search bar. The multi-search provided by Spotlight yields results such as movies, biographies, books, and recipes, and it can even set the timer. 

Among other features of the brand new Mac, there is the possibility to use your iPhone as a webcam or the option of sharing windows at Safari with friends or work groups.

Apple has also promised a new MacBook Air that has a brand new M2 chip. It will also contain the other Mac advantages such as the 8-core CPM, 20 hours of battery, and 24 GB of memory. The newest MacBook Air in the market costs $1299. 

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