Will Elections In Texas Be Secure?

After the Capitol riots on January 6, concerns about election security are at the center of the political debate. In Texas, as the election day gets closer and closer, several authorities have declared that Texas will have the nation’s safest elections in the U.S. although Texas State Secretary John Scott has contradicted himself on this issue. 

The Texas Tribune reported that early in July, Scott spoke to a concerned group of conservatives in Dallas and assured them that there is no evidence that Texas’ elections will face threats, but just moments earlier he joked about how there are counties in texas that have more voters than residents and how in some other “the dead men vote”. 

Scott later apologized for making these jokes during a conference with the Dallas Jewish  Conservatives, but he justified himself. Are there better public speakers? I’m sure there probably are. Are there better messengers? Yeah, I’m sure there’s better messengers.” He said. “But I don’t know that there’s a better way to convey a message to someone that may not necessarily be open to your message other than being a little understanding of, potentially, how they got where they are.”
Regarding this problem, we must remember that John Scott briefly represented former President Donald Trump in a lawsuit that sought to reconquer the 2020 election results, so is it evident where his views are around the legitimacy of the 2020 election. And although since he made those comments he has constantly assured that “Texas will have the safest elections in the country”, Scott has not targeted misinformation, harassment of election officials, and political violence in the state.

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Written by Reuters


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